4323 Diana Way, Holladay, Utah 84117
Rick Barton Remembers 4323 Diana Way
This seems to be rather obscure in my life, but as I now recall the memory of this Christmas card there are some significant and magnificent memories I have about my Dad.

The details if not put in print will be lost forever.

This was the “dream” house that my Mom and Dad built after returning from Morocco. We (Diana, Dave, and I) lived at 1355 Perry Avenue while it was constructed. I learned how to ride a bike on the front porch of Perry Avenue. I remember riding back and forth on that 20 ft porch until I mastered my very large 1 speed bike.

Dad and Mom were very “upscale social”, so much so that their return from Morocco made the papers.

Mom and Dad had many friends from all over town.

Dad bought the lot in Mt Olympus Cove subdivision. I remember we had to drive up Parley’s Canyon and cross the canyon on Stillman’s Bridge to get to Wasatch Boulevard, drive up a dirt road (Oakview Drive) and turn right on Diana Way. Our address was 4323 Diana Way. We were almost the highest house on Mt Olympus.

The house was designed by architect Cliff Jolley who was a very good friend of Dad and Mom (also a Korean War jet pilot “ace”). Millie Jolley continued to be great friend to Mom through her life. I can’t remember who the builder was (Ed Martindale). The design was very cutting edge “modern” complete with open beams – high ceilings- flat roof (leaked)- lots of glass.

M. Russell Ballard built the pool “Capri Pools” and we have the very first pool covers by “Cover Pool”. Capri Pools failed and went under- Cover Pool is still thriving.

Dad did all the concrete on the “exposed aggregate” deck. I watched my Dad do it. Dad made a cool fountain from steel boiler ends. Dad learned to weld when he worked at Kaiser Steel building liberty ships during WWII. I watched my Dad do it.

The significance of the card is that my dad drew this freehand with a pencil. I remember watching him. I must have been Gavin’s age (7). Jeff was the first newbie to come home to Diana Way.
Dad was a gifted artist, as was my Mom. Mom’s ambition was to be a medical illustrator.

The rock walls were built by my Dad. I watched him do it. I rock covering the “planter box” by the front porch was done by Dad. The rock in the see-through fireplace were also laid up by Dad.

The house was complete with a “carport” with a sports car- usually an MG,Porch,BMW or First model of Ford Thunderbird convertible that my Mom drove with her scarf tied around her head.
I remember going the University Pharmacy and getting “Snellies” at the drive through. All on credit “account” (Jolley Drug) – one of my Dad’ other pals.

That carport would eventually become my bedroom- frozen and wet, but happy to have my own space (and my own private entrance). Mom and I spent a lot of time there in our romance.

Diana and Dave have many other memories as well about those first years when Mom was laying out by the pool and talking on the phone. We had a happy life.

Merlin and I worked on our cars in the circular drive – Merlin loved my Mom and Dad.
We had some great parties! What a party house! (Animal House).

My brain is awash in retrospect.!! Thanks for listening.

I love you all.

Rick Barton
Submitted by email March 10, 2014