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Randy Webb - May 21, 1950
Diana Sue Barton Webb - February 7, 1950

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Family Picture taken from Jill's Wedding July 31st, 1999

June 11, 2007

We took Erin and her family to Chicago for Memorial Day, which she had off from work. We were able to get Wicked tickets and LOVED it. They had a girl from BYU playing the girl in the wheelchair and she was great. Riki didnít want to go to the play so he stayed home to watch Lily, now four months old. She is so darling! And SO GOOD!. We went for a ride on a boat that goes down the Chicago River and we saw all the wonderful architecture. What a story those building could tell. We went to the Aquarium there, which was wonderful. We saw huge white whales and sharks and dolphins. The building sits right on the edge of Lake Michigan, and the Oceanarium is situated so it looks right over the lake. It is gorgeous! We loved all the museums, the Museum of Science and Industry, and the Museum of Natural History. We saw a U-boat submarine that was captured from the Germans during WWII. It was fascinating. We spent all day and still didnít even get to one whole floor. On Sunday we went to church and to the Chicago Art Museum. We saw Serautís huge "Sunday in the Park" and works by Monet, Renoir, Degas, Manet, Picasso, and other impressionists. We would go back there again. We enjoyed Chicago style pizza and Polish dogs. I gained 6 pounds.

Lately I have been working on printing up the genealogy CDís that my second cousin Danelle Brown made for me on the Reisers and Gallachers. I have been "scrapbooking my ancestors" on those lines. I still have lots to do on the Peterson and Barton lines. I discovered something interesting while "Google-ing" my great grandfatherís name. There was an archaeological dig in 2005 at the site where he had his potterís shop. In the Deseret News article, it said that the Heritage Park Museum also had one of his pots on display in one of the homes there. Randy and I decided to go there on Saturday, but it was closed. Iím excited to go and take pictures of it. I would have liked to go to the "dig".

April 17, 2007

We get back Sunday night from taking Jillís family to Disneyland. It was really fun, but I was wiped out. We left on Wednesday, April 11th, after work. Randy wanted to rent a Suburban so we would be more comfortable. He rented it from Sears at the Fashion Place Mall and it was brand new! We drove down to Richfield to pick up Jill and Buzz and the kids. They were SO excited! We piled all the luggage up on top of the roof and tied it down with a tarp. We decided to stop in Mesquite and settled in for the night. We left after breakfast and were planning to spend the whole day in Disneyland, but got a late start because Danielís shoes somehow were forgotten and Jill had to stop at Walmart. We ended up getting to Disneyland about 4 in the afternoon just as they were starting the parade with all the princesses. Lia was so excited because she is totally princess crazy! Daniel wanted to ride on Dumbo first and so we did. I rode in a wheelchair, which helped us not to have to wait so long. I got a lot of exercise, though, because the wheelchair person had to transfer to the ride. We mostly rode the kiddie rides, and it seemed like a frozen slice in time when our own kids were little.

We went to a new park called California Adventure that is right next to Disneyland. We went to a play called "Aladdin" that was as good as a Broadway play. The actors had wonderful voices and the special effects were fabulous. Randy had watched a show that told about a new ride they had there called "Sailing Over California". He volunteered to hold the baby while the rest of us rode. The kids loved it! There was a bank of chairs. Sort of like a ski lift, and it raised you about 10 or 20 feet above the ground, dipping and swirling you according to what was happening on the IMAX screen. You stomach would drop, and you would feel like you were really flying! And to add to the virtual reality, fans would blow orange scents toward you when you flew over an orange grove, or pine scent when you flew above Sequoia National Park. Water spray would even hit your face when you flew over the ocean. Randy got a Switch pass and was going to take Daniel on the ride while the rest of us did something else. When they got to the front of the line, he all of a sudden had to go to the bathroom. Randy picked him up in his arms and was carrying him to the bathroom, when all of a sudden, he felt a warm feeling on his chest, and it wasnít a burning in his bosom. When he met us, I said, "Wow! That was fast!" And he said, "We didnít go," and told me the story. Later that afternoon, while we were watching a parade, Randy said, "Iím going to go ride that ride." This was a few hours later. Daniel had not been tall enough to ride the white water rafting ride that Lia got to go on, and he had had a meltdown. I suggested that Randy take Daniel, to make it up a little. They headed for the ride, and I thought, "Finally!"

He came back a few minutes later saying that Daniel wouldnít stay in the seat, because I guess he was still wet. Randy was pretty mad. Three tries, and he still didnít get to do it...

Family News July 17th, 2006
We are very excited to go on our Norway trip in less than a month. This summer seems to have just flown by. It is hard to believe... Randy has been busy organizing his shop in the garage. He is having the time of his life buying tools and learning how to use them. Almost every day the UPS man comes to the door. I am very excited for the day when he actually PRODUCES his first product.

Erin visited us last weekend and after she left, we noticed that we had a new screen saver. It said, BABY GRAYBILL 01-07. So that means she and Jill are just three weeks apart. Jill on Christmas Eve, Erin the middle of Jan.  Very exciting times. I better start making some baby quilts, I guess.

Bracken is in Montgomery, Ala at Air Force Officers Training Camp for a month. He says it is just like all the movies you see about boot camp. They have to get up at 4:30 every morning and work out, and then they go to classes all day where they learn about military "protocol." That is like who you have to salute and how and where. They have to form into "flights" and MARCH between all of their classes. They are given ten minutes for luch, which they have to wolf down. Then they have to drink 3 glasses of water, while being watched, and then he says he feels like throwing up. When they get to the cafeteria, they have to do everything in order. LEFT FACE, PICK UP YOUR TRAY, RIGHT FACE, PICK UP YOUR FORK, etc. He gets out on his 1st anniversary. Yippee! Amy has been called as the early morning seminary teacher in NY. Funny how things work out...

I have had a month of being wrought upon by the spirit of Elijah to do family history. I have been writing dads history (no easy job for me) and collecting and scanning other ancestors histories. I hope to publish a book about our family, with the histories of our ancestors and descendants.  So I hope everybody starts thinking about what they want to write.  maybe 5 pages or so for the sibs, and 1 for each grandchild.  Plus pictures.  Thank you all very much.  By the end of September if you could...

I'll share some of the histories as they become available.





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