Family Letters, Documents and Special Articles

Mom Funeral Talk (Dave) - August 27th, 1997
The Ultimate War Hero (Dave) - (Broadcast on The Back to God Hour program June 6, 1999 by Rev. David Feddes. Copyright The Back to God Hour)
The Dime - A Christmas Story (Author Unknown)
Drunk Driver Poem (Author Unknown)
The Gift
The Man and the Birds
Interview with God
Happy Mom Cheers Son
Rick Remembers 4323 Diana Way (our home growing up in the Mt. Olympus Cove, Holladay, Utah)
Dealing with Goliath Preface by Dave Barton
Diana Book - Biblical Lionesses
Diana Art - From Water Color Society Presentation
Mosiah 4:10 - Dave Stake Conference Talk   (Word Doc Format)
Dave Book - Dealing with Goliath (word doc format)