Kyle Hurst

Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2005 11:07:36 

>well hello my wonderful family! i love you all so much and am so grateful for your e mails this week. you all sound so great and happy!! it sounds like amys wedding was a blast and all went well. that is awesome. tell her hello and congrats. Jordan congrats also on being asked to prom. that is awesome. have fun. AND I SWEAR IF HE TRIES TO KISS YOU OR ANYTHING HE WON'T HAVE ANYMORE FOOTBALLS, GOLF BALLS, OR BASEBALLS, OR PEANUTS TO ASK ANYONE ELSE...EVER!  HAHA. that is way cool though joe. be good and have a blast!

>      well as for me out here, we had a great week this week. it was really cool. one of our investigators who the missionaries have been working with forever made alot of progress this week. we finally got the bottom of why he won't get baptized. he is pretty much a member except for that. he sang in the choir on easter. but he just doesn't want to give up his coffee and alittle beer now and then. so it was great to get to the bottom of that. so that was way good. our other investigators came to church this last week and we should have a date for them this week. its awesome. also 2 less active families who we have been working with were in church this last week. it was awesome. the bishsop was really happy. it was a lot of fun. the iraqi general Ghali gave a talk on sunday also. it was really cool. the bishop translated because Ghali only speaks english and arabic. so it was really cool. i love this work so much. it is so much fun. i love it. we really have had such a great week this week. probably the best we have had since i have been here. the work is going forward.
>        well it is good to hear that everyone is happy and doing well. i love you all so much. it will be alot of fun to talk to you all soon. i was thinking i will call you all around 10 o'clock is at night my time. i think that elder adams will be calling earlier and then we will just call in and do all that stuff and then i will call you. telll me if that sounds good to all of you. i don't know if that messes with church or not. so let me know. i love you all so much. keep doing great and having fun. you all are the best. i love you i love you i love you! i have some extra time today so i will drop a line to all of you. be good and have fun. HE LIVES! i love you all!
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      Love you all so much I hope all is well! Hope to hear from you soon

  Elder Kyle Hurst