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Uncle Dave,
We have a new blog so we can share a few pictures of Lily.  We don't write much, but at least the fam can see some pictures.  The site is

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Riki and Erin's Wedding Announcement Picture

Erin's Birthday - Nov. 16, 1982

Volleyball Player Erin Graybill Named USU Athlete Of The Week

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Hi everyone,

I hope all is well.  I don’t see you all often enough.  Anyway, I am just writing a quick update about what Riki and I are up to lately.  He has decided to go into optometry, so we are just finishing up school at Utah State and after that we will be somewhere else for optometry school.  I think he has another year or so, but I am in my last semester to graduate in accounting.  I still have one more year left of volleyball eligibility so I will continue at Utah State for my masters of accounting.

This spring break we will be working with a service group of students from universities in Utah called VIDA and going to Panama.  We are taking lots of needed medical supplies down and we are also helping paint their school, and rebuild their town center. Also we will educate the people about hygiene and disease.  The place we are going is actually a string of islands off the coast of Panama called Ticantiqui, Kuna Yala.  The islands are very remote…. You can walk across the main one in five minutes.  We are also taking some school supply kits to the 300 children that are starting school that week.  Anyway, it should be awesome to help these people!

To make this project happen, we need some contributions.  Each of us has paid $200, and they have asked us to raise $900 more.  Any money donated will go towards this specific project to help these people.  It is a great opportunity to serve others.  Any checks can be made out to VIDA and sent to us.  Every dollar helps.  Also, if you have any school or medical supplies you are able to donate that would be awesome.  If you have any questions you can call me at 435-764-1338.  Our address is:

353 ˝ N. 500 E. #2
Logan, UT 84321

 Love, Erin and Riki



Ticantiqui, Kuna Yala

Volunteers Involved Development Abroad (VIDA) is a non-profit organization designed to serve, educate, and help people improve the quality of living both locally and abroad. Many non-profit organizations already exist throughout the world. VIDA works with these organizations and together we combine our efforts and work as one in the cause of serving others.  

In March of 2005, VIDA is sending a group twelve volunteers to the Ticantiqui,  Kuna Yala on on a service 
mission. Seven of the volunteers are students who are  currently studying medicine. They’ll be working together 
with the local doctors to  provide medical assistance to the people. Other projects include: teaching health and 
hygiene clinics to the children, painting the local school and repairing benches  in the casa de congresso (nightly 
village meetings, or "congresos," are used for both secular Talking Meetings and for sacred Singing Meetings).

 For this wonderful  project to take place, VIDA will be responsible for raising the  money needed to buy the medical, dental, and building supplies. They will also be responsible for raising the necessary money to travel to Kuna Yala to help assist in  these projects.

 You have the opportunity to contribute to this project and help the people of Ticantiqui by offering a donation. All donations are 100% tax deductible and you will receive a receipt for your donation with our tax ID number. Checks can be made payable to VIDA and given to any member of the organization.  In kind donations such as medical and dental supplies, school supplies, and building and painting supplies are also needed.

For more information please visit www.vida4all.org






Hi Uncle Dave,
The website is one that Riki did just messing around.  He wanted to make a homepage for us, so he got a book at the library and learned the HTML language and put the site together.  It is sort of fun.  Also, here is a link to my volleyball profile: http://utahstateaggies.collegesports.com/sports/c-volley/mtt/graybill_erin00.html
My schedule is here: http://utahstateaggies.collegesports.com/sports/c-volley/sched/ust-c-volley-sched.html
Here is a picture of me blocking from the school newspaper: http://www.utahstatesman.com/news/2004/09/10/Sports/Aggie.Volleyball.Gets.First.Win.Of.Season-715648.shtml
It was nice to see you guys at the funeral.  Hope all is well.
Love, Erin
volleyball profile: http://utahstateaggies.collegesports.com/sports/c-volley/mtt/graybill_erin00.html
My schedule is here: http://utahstateaggies.collegesports.com/sports/c-volley/sched/ust-c-volley-sched.html