Dave and Janice Barton 

Scrapbook Page

Bear Lake Cabin Summer 2009
The Best Family in the Whole World!

2009 and Still 'Kicken'

Grand 'Grandkids'!

Our boat parked at our favorite spot on the lake - At Sysco's Grill in the Marina (best burgers ever)

Portraits from Artists at Disneyland (Pretty Scary). Who is that 'other' women?

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This was at the Lion House at Ann and Ben's wedding in March of 1998.

Here is the 'Toys' at Bear Lake! Dave and Brett are sitting on our International Harvester  Farm All tractor. We launch 'Tow Boat' and our Wave Runners from a ramp right below the cabin.

This is my toy airplane! 

The picture on this Star Wars Calendar caught my attention! 
I gave these calendars to my kids at Christmas.


Dealing with Goliath
A Test of Faith and Endurance

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