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Life Story of John Barton 
Born the 23rd of February, 1806
Life Story of Elizabeth Bell Barton 
Born December 21, 1814


James married Eliza Ann Barton on the 4th of July in Kaysville. The next year, the 5th of March, 1864 their marriage was solemnized in the Endowment House in Salt Lake City.


James Barton was born July 21,1836. 
(Sent to Diana by a great, great grand-daughter of John Barton, our great, great, great grand-father).

Life Story of Eliza Barton Born July 15, 1844
Life Story of Edwin Rushton born June 1, 1824
Life Story of Agnes Leatham Hunter born October 15, 1840 
Life Story of Edwin John Richard Rushton born September 18, 1852
Life Story of Agnes Lenora Hunter Barton (was born September 8, 1875)
Charles Eugene Rushton was born March 4, 1882
Dora Isabel Stoker Rushton was born November 16, 1885
Horace Gilbert Barton (born on July 8, 1902 in Salt Lake City)
Richard G. Barton (born in SLC, Utah on Nov. 12, 1926) - A life history written by Diana Webb

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Peterson Family Line

Life Story of  James Buchannan Gallacher born May 26, 1829
Diary of Henry Reiser Born on July 29th, 1832
James Albert Peterson born November 2nd, 1892 (A Life Story told by Marjorie G. Peterson)
Marjorie Gallacher Peterson  'Gram' - born August 11, 1904  (Life Story as told in her own words)

Any information about Frederick Peterson - (Dear Peterson Cousins - A letter by Gary D. Peterson)

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