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Ann Fillmore or Mona Lisa?

Bear Lake - Summer 2009

Ann Barton Fillmore Born May 19, 1977 Ben Fillmore December 27, 1975

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Barton Family Ben Fishing
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Latest Updates

April, 2007
As of April 27th, 2007, Ben is currently cancer free. His latest MRI (today) shows absolutely no sign of cancer! Also there is a good chance that we might be coming back to Utah to teach!
June, 2006
Ann and Ben are back in Oregon! They have found a nice place to live in a mountain setting. The are eager to start teaching on the 28th of June. Good Luck! Ben is currently cancer free. He is coming down on the 27th to have a MRI in Salt Lake. Check out the address page for their new address. This was an answer to many prayers. We are truly blessed.
March, 2006
Ann and Ben are preparing to go back to Oregon in the next few months. Ben is getting stronger (as displayed on a three day excursion to Disneyland the first week in March) where he managed to wear Ann out walking from ride to ride! So far, so good! Ben is still cancer free and having special tests to make sure he is healthy enough to move on with his life.
January, 2006
Ben is finished with his chemotherapy treatments. As of now he is cancer free! He and Ann could not be happier! They are anxiously awaiting to return back to their teaching jobs in Portland. They will continue to live in Utah for the next several months until Ben is strong enough to resume normal activities. They appreciate all the concern and love shown by all family members and friends.
December, 2005
Ann and Ben are currently waiting to see if any more chemotherapy is necessary. Ben is very weak and has only about 30% of normal strength. He has been given several blood transfusions. He will be having rehab visits in the near future to build up his weekend body. Ann and Ben will extend the projected December 27th trip back up to Portland, where they have jobs, until at least March. They will continue to live with Ben's parents (and occasionally with Dave and Janice) until Ben is healthy enough and has gained back the needed strength to perform his job safely. So far things look promising!  
November, 2005
Ben in the last month has had spinal taps to determine if any cancer cells are in his spinal fluid. We are happy to report that the last test shows that the therapy has worked effectively and there is no sign of cancer in the spine and spinal fluid. Ann and Ben could not be happier about the latest good news. They are so in love and are living every day to it's max!
April 19th, 2005
Ben began his chemotherapy today. He had a special device implanted just under his collar bone to receive the injections. So far he is doing well and is in good spirits. Ann is a great support.
February 13th
Ben is in his third week of radiation and all is well. He is now losing his hair. Ann and Ben are in good spirits. Ann just started working part time for the State of Utah as a receptionist for the Center for Independent Living. 

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February 1st
Ben and Ann had a most remarkable experience this last Christmas season. Ben had been experiencing severe headaches for the previous weeks before coming to Salt Lake for the holidays. On Christmas day he became so ill that he had to be taken for treatment. After undergoing scans to determine the problem, a large brain tumor was detected. He was not given a good chance of survival and was told to take care of 'things'. 

It was a very testing time for this couple who are so much in love. Through the valiant efforts of Ben's family a team of surgeons were put together on the morning of Dec. 26th and a malignant brain tumor was removed. It was a rapid growing form of cancer (medullablastoma). It had developed to the size of a 'pea' by October and had grown to 2 1/2 inches in diameter by Christmas.

The surgery went as good as could be expected. The tumor was removed 'intact' and no apparent damage was done to the brain. The treatment for the next few months is to undergo radiation treatment followed by chemo-therapy.

Ann and Ben are now residing in Provo and Ben's parents house. 

Ben and Ann Fillmore
4105 N. Devonshire Drive
Provo, Utah 84604

Learn more about Ben's treatment on the link below.

More information on Brain Tumors (Medulloblastoma)


Ann and Ben visiting in September (holding super Sampson!)

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This picture is from their wedding announcement. 

We hiked up Mount Pisgah in Eugene. What a view!